Posted on Dec 11, 2019

KTS Career Coaching

Many of you know how it works. To learn about a career, you reach out to someone for advice, often called an informational interview. I cannot tell you how many times I recommend this to clients. However, you need to do this properly or you might find yourself not meeting with anyone. Some important things to remember are you are asking for “advice.” This will let the person know they have something useful to offer. Never ask if there is a job at their company. If they like you and there is a position, they will let you know or direct you to someone who might know of an opportunity. Be respectful and give them the option of a phone or in-person meeting. When you meet them, ask educated, specific questions, not “what is it like to be a …..?” Finally, this should not have to be mentioned, but, please, send a thank you email the following day. And, remember, you might be the person asked for advice in the future. So, if 2020 might be your time to change careers or jobs, feel free to contact me.
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