Posted on Apr 17, 2019

KTS Career Coaching

Yay, you finally you received the job offer you wanted, but there is one last hurdle. Negotiating your salary. Unfortunately, it is not common knowledge that many offers can be negotiated. I have met with clients who regretted accepting the first offer because they were so excited to get the job. Most employers expect to negotiate and if your request is professional and well thought out, it helps. Also, if an employer asks, “what would it take for you to accept this job?” that might indicate either the salary other benefits or perks could be discussed. But, do not push too hard. I’ve had to tell clients they need to stop when the employer says there is no more room for negotiation. So, do your research, know what you are worth and base your request on the value you can add, not “the rents are high in this city, etc.…”
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